Plymouth Cross Country Coaches
Head Coaches
Name Seasons Coached Picture
Jay Follett 2010-Present
Marty McKenzie 2002-2009 Marty McKenzie
Chris Zuercher 1999-2000
Mike Follett 1992-1998
Paul Gase 1982-1991 Paul Gase
Doug Dickson 1975-1981, 2001
Bob James 1970-1974 Bob James
Ralph Thauvette 1969
Mike Ocepek 1967-1968
Guy Flora 1963-1966
Theodore Jenkins 1928-1931
Assistant Coaches
Name Seasons Coached Picture
Jacob Beckner 2018
Fayette Adams
Tim Nesbitt
Karen Finnegan
Middle School Coaches
Name Seasons Coached Picture
Eliza Redden 2021
Jacob Beckner 2019-2020
Matt Anderson 2010-2014, 2017-2018
Michael McKenzie 2016
Rachel Robinson 2015
Jay Follett 2009
Terry Pore
Jerry Julian
Paul McClintock

These lists are incomplete. If you have anything to share or add, please let me know.