1999 Track and Field

High School Track Team

High School Schedule and Results

Date Meet Link
1999 HS Season Schedules/Preview Schedule
3/30/1999 Tri-County Meet Results
4/1/1999 Quad vs. Crestline, Buckeye Central, and St. Peter's Results
4/6/1999 Tri @ Mapleton Results
4/9/1999 Ridgedale Invite Results
4/13/1999 Tri @ St. Paul Results
4/16/1999 Crestview Invite Results
4/20/1999 Tri @ New London Results
4/27/1999 Tri vs. Western Reserve/South Central Results
4/29/1999 Dual vs. Buckeye Central Results
5/6/1999 Tri vs. Crestline and Lucas Results
5/8/1999 New London Invite Results
5/14 & 5/15/1999 Firelands Conference Meet @ St. Paul Results
5/20 & 5/22/1999 District Meet @ Bucyrus Results
5/27 & 5/29/1999 Regional Meet @ Baldwin Wallace University Results
6/3-6/5/1999 State @ Dayton Welcome Stadium
1999 All Results and Scoring Results/Scoring

Middle School Schedule and Results

Date Meet Link
1999 MS Season Schedules Schdeule
4/6/1999 Tri vs. Buckeye Central and Crestline Results
4/8/1999 Tri @ Mapleton Results
4/15/1999 Tri @ St. Paul Results
4/22/1999 Tri @ Crestview Results
4/28/1999 Crestview Invite Results
4/29/1999 Tri @ Western Reserve Results
5/4/1999 Dual @ Crestline Results
5/6/1999 Dual @ Shelby Results
5/10/1999 Tri @ Willard Results
5/12/1999 New London Relays Results
5/18/1999 Firelands Conference Meet @ St. Paul Results

High School Roster

High School Boys High School Girls
Name Year Name Year
Jay Follett Senior Heather Roll Senior
Matt Anderson Junior Niki Baker Junior
Ryan Click Junior Kim Howard Junior
Eliot Fackler Junior Jenny Reber Junior
Michael Anderson Freshman Brianna Cassidy Sophomore
Mike Blankenship Freshman Julie Chinchock Sophomore
Mike Branham Freshman Amy McClintock Sophomore
Cole Hinkle Freshman Lindy Seel Sophomore
Nick Keaton Freshman Alexis Sheely Sophomore
Chad Kirkpatrick Freshman Richelle Smart Sophomore
Beth Betts Freshman
Stephanie Cunningham Freshman
April Schwaderer Freshman

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