1978 Track and Field

High School Boys Track Team

High School Girls Track Team

Middle School Boys Track Team

Middle School Girls Track Team

High School Schedule and Results

Date Meet Link
1978 HS/MS Season Schedules Schdeule
3/25/1978 Ashland Indoor Invite Boys Results
4/4/1978 Tri @ Clear Fork Boys Results
4/11/1978 Tri vs. Buckeye Central and Crestview - Boys
4/11/1978 Dual vs. Crestview Girls Results
4/13/1978 Dual @ Crestline Boys Results
4/13/1978 Dual vs. Seneca East Girls Results
4/15/1978 Mapleton Relays Boys Results
4/15/1978 Dual @ Crestline - Girls
4/17/1978 Crestline Relays Girls Results
4/20/1978 Dual vs. Loudonville - Boys
4/20/1978 Dual @ Buckeye Central - Girls
4/22/1978 Ashland - Hillsdale Relays Boys Results
4/25/1978 Dual vs. South Central Boys Results
Girls Results
4/27/1978 Dual vs. Colonel Crawford Boys Results
4/27/1978 Dual vs. New London Girls Results
4/29/1978 Huron County Relays Boys Results
5/1/78 Dual vs. Monroeville - Girls
5/2/1978 Dual @ Buckeye Central Boys Results
5/3/78 Dual vs. St. Paul Girls Results
5/6/1978 Firestone Relays - Boys Boys Results
5/9/1978 JAC @ Ontario Boys Results
Girls Results
5/11/78 Dual vs. Mansfield Christian - Girls
5/13/1978 Sectional @ Shelby - Boys/Girls Boys Results
5/15/78 Dual vs. Colonel Crawford - Girls
5/19 & 5/20/1978 District @ BGSU - Boys/Girls Boys Results
5/26 & 5/27/1978 State @ The Ohio State University Boys Results
1978 Awards and Letters Awards
1978 Newspaper Articles Articles

Middle School Schedule and Results

Date Meet Link
1978 HS/MS Season Schedules Schdeule
4/5/1978 Dual vs. Crestview - Boys
4/10/1978 Dual @ Lucas - Boys/Girls
4/14/1978 Dual vs. New London - Girls
4/17/1978 Dual vs. Crestline - Boys/Girls
4/19/1978 Dual vs. South Central - Boys
4/24/1978 Dual vs. Seneca East - Girls
4/26/1978 Crestview Invite - Boys
5/1/1978 Dual @ Colonel Crawford - Boys/Girls
5/3/1978 Dual @ Buckeye Central - Girls
5/8/1978 Dual vs. Lucas - Boys/Girls
5/10/1978 Dual @ South Central - Boys

High School Roster

High School Boys High School Girls
Name Year Name Year

Middle School Boys Middle School Girls
Name Name
Joe Messer Paula Phillips
John Robinson Montelle Levering
Mike Beck Sharon Parkinson
Shawn DeWitt Jan Wallace
Tim Branham Cindy Lawrence
Victor Reed Kim Osborne
Mike Arms Patty McKenzie
Barry Morris Tammy Tackett
Scott Masters Lisa Gundrum
Jesse Woodmansee Jamie Brooks
Ron Nease Lisa Daron
Rick Hawkins Annette Arms
Rob Smith Shirley Reeder
Jeff Hale Barb Shaver
Kevin King
Bob Jamerson
Rodney Neeley
Mark Courtwright
Brian Fenner
Mike Metcalf
Steve Mowry
Aaron Allenbaugh
Brad Postema
Kerry Reno
James Jamerson
Don Risner

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