1975 Track and Field

High School Boys Track Team

High School Girls Track Team

Middle School Track Team

High School Schedule and Results

Date Meet Link
3/29/1975 Ashland Indoor Invite Preview
4/8/1975 Tri @ Shelby Boys Article
4/10/1975 Dual @ Lucas Boys Article
4/15/1975 Dual @ Crestview Boys Article
4/22/1975 Tri @ Clear Fork Boys Article
4/24/1975 Tri @ New London Boys Article
4/29/1975 Dual @ South Central Boys Article
4/29/1975 Dual @ Crestview Girls Results
5/1/1975 Tri @ Lexington Boys Article
5/10/1975 Wynford Sectional Boys Results
5/13/1975 JAC @ Fredericktown Boys Article
5/16/1975 Dual @ New London Girls Results
5/17/1975 Pre-District @ Shelby (Girls) Girls Article
5/19/1975 Dual @ Colonel Crawford Girls Results
5/22/1975 Dual @ Crestline Girls Results
1975 Spring Sports Awards Awards

High School Roster

High School Boys High School Girls
Name Year Name Year

Middle School Boys Middle School Girls
Name Name
Johnny Stima Anna Noble
Brian Brown Dee Dee Robinson
Barry Tuttle Kelly Dent
Scott Baker Julie Donnenwirth
Wayne Barnett Joan Wallace
Rodney Strohm Tammy Phillips
Sherman Conley
John Teglovic
Mike Whittington
Mike Berberick
Jim Shaver
Jim Wallace

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